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Intro & Support

Hi there Unboxer,

We’re so happy that you’re here!
This will be a short introduction to this page, the idea behind it, and what we can do with it.

First, let me point to the right –>
There’s a bunch of links to the most vital parts of this page for you as an author in this world. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the support forum. Ask anything, and we’ll answer as fast as we can


And without further ado, let me try to describe what we’re trying to do here.

The idea for this site was pretty simple:
We can join forces to promote all the books that are written in the world that Sean & Johnny created for us. It will be up to us, to make this world big, too. We can’t rely on the boys to do all the heavy lifting. We could all just cross promote and all that jazz, but why not collect everything written in the world here? On one site? One place to find them all. Because we all hope this world will be big, and that there will be lots and lots of book written in it.

That doesn’t mean, that every author shouldn’t do what they usually do. This is just a place dedicated to the world, and nothing else. There will be no other books here. You should do what you normally would do, when you’ve written a book. We won’t be paying for advertisement or anything like that (not at first, anyway – who knows what will happen?)

But what we can do, is do a little bit of work each, and make a big freaking mountain of promotion for ALL the books. With different people to write blogposts once in a while and a social media presence, we could go a long way, with very little work for the individual author.

The easiest thing to start out with, would be to make an interview with each author in the world. Since the first book will be the anthology, there will be a nice amount of authors there to start out with. Let’s get their stories out there, let’s get to know them – us – each other. Each author can use that interview to talk about all their other books too, show off their offices/favorite writing chair or how they can’t write without their old socks that they bought in high school. Whatever works for each person. That interview is the place to be personal and let the world know all about you. We should absolutely share links to websites, social medias and links to Amazon or whatever you want.

If someone wants to post short stories or other stuff like that, feel free to blog! If you aren’t good at blogging at your own site, or perhaps you don’t even have a blog, you can start here. We’ll make it clear after each post who the author/blogger is, and that will all be link juice for Google, and you can link to your own website in your blogauthor bio.

This site is meant to be a collection and show-off of all the authors in the Blunderbuss World – or World of Alterra. Who knows what it will end up being called? Right now it’s Blunderbuss World here. That’s the domain. It piggybacks right off Fiction Unboxed.

There’s a wiki and forum on the site too. It’s closed to visitors, so you’ll have to be logged in to read and write there (as you are now, to be able to read this). We can fill in all of our own world data to the wiki, and the forum is there, if anyone wants to find co-authors, beta-readers or whatever. Don’t feel that you have to be superactive to be here. If you don’t have the time, it’s totally okay. It’s an offer. We will list your book in the Blunderbuss World, no matter if you have a profile or not (unless you really don’t want us to). You don’t have to do anything. But we’d love it if you’d be part of the community, and help lift this thing of the ground. It could be huge! It’s all in our hands.

If you want to write privately to someone on the site, but doesn’t have their e-mail, you can just send a private message, and they’ll get an e-mail about it.

Lastly; Sean and Johnny have seen the site, and approves. They probably won’t be here themselves, since they have enough on their plates, but you all know where to find them.

Please let us know what you think. Give us feedback, and let us know if you have ideas that could make this even better. We have tried to create a place that could cater to most needs in terms of collaborations with others and promotion of the world, but we’d love to have your input.

So, let do this!
Have you written something in the Blunderbuss World, then add yourself as an author (it’s not the same as your user profile here on the page), and then add your book after that.

Happy thoughts,

Anita (& Jon)