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Fiction Unboxed 1.5

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Perhaps you’ve already heard about this, although the boys from Sterling & Stone haven’t exactly shouted from the rooftops about it; Fiction Unboxed 1.5 is coming to a computer near you this November.

The first Fiction Unboxed were live in every way. They came to the table with almost nothing, hashed out ideas, concept, characters and everything else while we watched. Johnny then wrote the first draft as if he were a lightning on crack, Sean edited behind him, the chapters went to their editor after that, and lastly, Johnny added sprinkles on top of it all, and the novel was published. All within 30 days. The Dream Engine was born.

Now, they’ll do it again. Not all of it, not completely live, but we’ll get the same that anyone who buys into FU1 now gets. Story meetings, first draft, e-mails and of course the finished book – the whole shabang.

And what will they write?
The Dream Engine 2! So exciting to see what the second book will be like, how the world will expand and what that will do for the Engine World as a whole.

UPDATE! Be sure to check out the full plan for Fiction Unboxed 1.5, that have been released October 20th 2014.

So, now you’re probably wondering how you can get in and be part of all this wonderful crazy stuff again (or perhaps for the first time)? You have several options:


What are your thoughts on this? Will you be joining NaNoWriMo yourself or will you be watching Johnny and Sean write The Dream Engine 2 in 30 days? (You can do both, you know – just a little delayed)


About the author:
Anita Sølver is a freelance illustrator located in Denmark, with a strong passion for children related projects. She is working with another SPP fan, Patrick Stemp, and together they're creating children's books at

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