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Engine World

Alterra Map v 1.1

The Blunderbuss World finally got its official name: “Engine World”.

Yesterday the first information since the release of the 1.0 World Doc was published on the Sterling & Stone website.

Johnny talks about the Summit, explains how each of the canon authors will contribute to the world building, and also explains what the world is – and will hopefully become. Other than that, the post dives into how it all works with this open source concept of a shared world, which is a rather unique phenonemom as far as I know.

There’s a lot of information in that post, so go read it right away.


Today, the 13 commandments were published!

I list the headlines below, but there are extensive elaborations for each one, so be sure to read them on the Sterling & Stone website. This is all very exciting news to everyone who considers writing in the world. It’s a joy to see, how much work actually got done through the Summit.

We’ve all drooled over the pictures, wishing we could have been there, but man! Did they get a lot done in a very short time span! I’m so impressed. And not only did they get a lot done, it’s so imaginative. Much more fleshed out already, than I could have dared hope for.

#1: The Story World’s Name Is “Engine World”

#2: If You Want To Link Your Books To Other Books In Our Shared World, Tag Them As Part Of The “Engine World” Series

#3: There Are Only 8 Canon Authors In Engine World

#4: The World Currently Has 10 Engines

#5: The Planet Is Called “Terra” And (Mostly) Uses The Real Earth Map

#6: North America Is Pretty Much Gone, And Its Citizens Are Adrift

#7: Alterra Itself Has A Map!

#8: Alterra Is The Only Place With A Fog … Partly Because They’re The Only Place Whose Engine Still Works

#9: The World’s Engines Are Connected Through The Rooms That Appear To Be Inside The Convenience

#10: Only Canon Works May Define The Location, Origin, Or Function Of The World’s Engines*

#11: Prior To The Rise Of The Fog, All Of Terra Traded Globally (With Many Alterran Colonies)

#12: Nobody Actually Understands The Engines

#13: Non-Canon Works Should Not Use Canon Characters Except As Mentions

Let us know what you think in the comments, and remember to check out the full post with the 13 commandments on Sterling & Stone.

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About the author:
Anita Sølver is a freelance illustrator located in Denmark, with a strong passion for children related projects. She is working with another SPP fan, Patrick Stemp, and together they're creating children's books at

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