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Engine World Colonist Summit 2015

Engine World Builder Summit  2014

Johnny & Sean will be hosting The Engine World Colonist Summit in Austin, Texas on April 18 and 19, 2015. Excessive laughter may occur while learning. Photo by Amy Schubert

It’s here! The registration for the Engine World Colonist Summit 2015.

After wrapping up Fiction Unboxed 1.5, where Johnny and Sean wrote The Dream Engine book 2 + 3, they’re now opening up for the Early Bird Registrations for the second Engine World Summit. Read Amy Schubert’s blog post about it right here.

The Colonist Summit will be held April 18 + 19 in Austin, Texas.
The price for attending – if you register now – will be $1500. That’s a whopping 25% off!

Almost all of the canon writers in the world will be present, so this is a unique chance to get in the front row to get vital information if you’re planning on writing books set in Engine World. Get answers to your questions, pick the brains of canon authors, get help with your beats for your story – meet Sean & Johnny (and no, Dave will not be there this time, unfortunately).

I wish I could be there, but it will not happen in this lifetime. So I’ll have to rely on you all to report back on all the awesomeness going on, both live and afterwards. Take pictures, shoot video, tweet and blog about it. And don’t forget to come back here to tell us all about it, while we’re going all green – from envy.

Will you be joining the Summit this time?
Let me know in the comments.

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