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The Very Last Days of Mr Grey


When Mason signs up for an experimental drug to treat his insomnia, he doesn’t expect it to open a door to another dimension.

Which it doesn’t. Until the drug kicks in, and he finds himself in a place he can’t imagine.

Now he must battle super-powered government agents and risk everything to rescue the one person who can save the world from what lies in that other realm.

The Very Last Days of Mr Grey is a fast-paced science fiction thriller about reality, the mysteries of our world, and why some things are better left unknown.

Book formats:
Canon book: No
Release date: 09/30/2014
Number of pages: 258

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About the author:
Anita Sølver is a freelance illustrator located in Denmark, with a strong passion for children related projects. She is working with another SPP fan, Patrick Stemp, and together they're creating children's books at

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