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Beyond the Gate


Waldron’s Gate, capital of Alterra. A land powered by steam, but inspired by the power of dreams, and surrounded by the mysterious Fog.

The Dream Engine explored this city. Now you are invited to go Beyond The Gate.

Twenty-three authors will take you over, under, into, and beyond the Fog in this cross-genre compilation of short stories.

From time travel to romance, young adult to horror, science fiction to historical fantasy, you’ll discover tales that delight, intrigue, and maybe even shock you.

This is only the beginning.


Stories in this book:

Bobby Bigsby and the Sky Shaw by Jay Rosenkranz

The Crown Reading by Monica Leonelle

Everyday Battles by A.T. Schubert

Dreaming Mountain by Jamie Maltman

Upon a Misty Morning by E. W. Pierce

The Wailing Woman by Blaine Moore

Round-about by Lisa Harvey

The Secrets of Storytelling by John McGuire

Missing Ivy by Stacy Claflin

Colin’s Garden by Ephraim Mallery

Untitled by Jack Worr

Decision Day by Cathy Pelham

The Tinkers Tale by Joseph Mello

Scarlettina: A Crumble Fairy Tale by Abe Cedarian

Betrayal by Kayla Halleur

Flight by Hal Leonard

Fog-born, Shifty and on the Fringe by Rob Laman

My Strenght Will Ease Your Sorrow by Paul Jenny

The Cloud by Michael Hustleborn

Overflow by Missy Morgan

Gatekeeper by Karl J. Leis

Like Oil and Water, Steam and Electricity by Thomas Dattoli

The Short Adventure of Beatrix Weiland by Hector Manuel Elias Oliver


The book can also be found at Page Foundry

Book formats:
Canon book: No
Release date: 11/11/2014
Number of pages: 463

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About the author:
Anita Sølver is a freelance illustrator located in Denmark, with a strong passion for children related projects. She is working with another SPP fan, Patrick Stemp, and together they're creating children's books at

1 comment on “Beyond the Gate”

  1. Anita Reply

    This was a wonderful read. So many great stories and a high overall quality, especially when considering that for several writers in this book it is their writing debut – and one they should be proud of.

    The book starts out with a short introduction to “Engine World”, which is the world that all the stories belongs to. That gives a new reader a fair chance to get a quick grasp on the overall premise for the world, if they have no prior knowledge. The last 4 stories in the book is marked for mature readers only. There’s nothing particualar explictit in those stories, but they do go a bit more into adult language and content, compared to the other stories.

    On the technical side, the book is very well formatted, edited and have a nice table of contents, which makes it easy to go back and re-read the stories you’d like to dive into one more time.

    After reading 23 different stories, some are bound to stand out more than others when you’ve finished the book. The ones that especially lingered in my mind was:

    “Upon a Misty Morning” by E. W. Pierce
    “My Strenght Will Ease Your Sorrow” by Paul Jenny
    “The Crown Reading” by Monica Leonelle
    “The Cloud” by Michael Hustleborn

    These all had a very strong character based storytelling. I felt close to the characters, caring for them, wanting to know what happened to them, and not least, I’d want to read more about them if the authors should decide to expand their stories to a full novel. These are not the only ones I would want to read more about, but they stand out of the crowd like bright lights to me.

    “Engine World” is treated very well in this book, and gives a glimpse into how far the range of the world can be. So many different genres and stories are told here, and I’m excited to see what will be next in the world from these authors.

    Very well done!

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