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E. W. Pierce

My name is Eric Pierce, though I write under my initials: E.W. Pierce. I write Fantasy and Science Fiction stories, sometimes with an element of horror. I’ve been writing on-and-off for eleven years.

I work in corporate IT as a programmer. I played the promotion game for a while, chasing money and prestige at the cost of sanity and happiness. I gave that up four years ago, and am happily slinging code again. Not inconsequentially, I am also writing more. The sojourn into management wasn’t a complete loss: my project management skills came in handy during the anthology.

I am happily married to my High School sweetheart. We celebrated our 15th anniversary this past summer. We have 2 kids, boy (10) and girl (7). Young enough that we still have action figures and barbies, hot wheels and bed-time stories. But old enough that I can glimpse the end of innocence and it makes me incredibly sad.

Sometimes we talk about having a 3rd. And then we come to our senses.


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E. W. Pierce's books in the Blunderbuss World:

  • Beyond the Gate
  • Clockwork Scoundrels 1 by E.W. Pierce
  • Clockwork Scoundrels 2 by E.W. Pierce

About the author:
Hi. I'm Jon. Anita and I founded this site way back in August of 2014. I have a top secret alter-ego you can find at redacted. I live in Texas.