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Beyond the Gate is now available for free

Beyond the Gate

We have talked about it a lot, and now it’s finally here; “Beyond the Gate” is now available on all major e-book retailer sites for free!

23 authors presents you with their take on Engine World, and what a bunch of wonderful stories it is. You’ll read a lot about the Fog, learn about monsters that you hope won’t follow you into your own dreams, read a bit about Dreaming and Building, wonder where you can buy some of that Thunderclap for yourself and hope you don’t get shipped off to Joffrey Columns if you should go off  your Crumble.

This is such a rich world, and how I love the way it is explored in Beyond the Gate.
It shows the possibilities for genres and style, while still clearly belonging in the same world. Pretty awesome!

Grab the book today, and please leave a review for it when you’re done with it, to help out the book, the authors and the Engine World. We’d love it, if you’d copy your review to the comments here on the site too, but that’s secondary. Be sure to leave a review where you picked up the book. This is the best possible way to help the book get more visibility, and also show your appreciation to the authors.

Visit the website for Beyond the Gate.


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About the author:
Anita Sølver is a freelance illustrator located in Denmark, with a strong passion for children related projects. She is working with another SPP fan, Patrick Stemp, and together they're creating children's books at

5 comments on “Beyond the Gate is now available for free”

  1. Mgon ♥ Reply

    Exciting. I have just begun my journey Beyond the Gate. The number of books in this, alone, makes it amazing. So many authors involved. I read everything up to the first book last night, and even just that made me smile because I recognized so many authors. This major collaboration really makes Beyond the Gate feel extra special. It is quite the wonderful achievement.

  2. Eric Pierce Reply

    Thanks for the plug Anita! We’ve had over 400 people pick-up the book since launch. I’m super exited to see what everyone thnks. 😀

    • Anita Reply

      Oh, wow! That’s so awesome, Eric.
      Hope the reviews will start pooring in soon 😀

      I really, really loved the book.
      It was my first time reading an anthology, so it was a new experience, but it was really nice to hear so many different voices telling stories in the same world.

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