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Here you'll find all authors who have contributed with stories set in the Blunderbuss World. Click on the image or the name to see their full profiles.

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Sean loves writing books, even more than reading them. He is co-founder of Collective Inkwell and Realm & Sands imprints, writes for children under the name Guy Incognito, and has more than his share of nose.

Together with co-authors David Wright and Johnny B. Truant, Sean has written series like Yesterdays Gone, WhiteSpace, The Beam and more.

An avid reader since age three, Cathy Pelham began her writing career with a science fiction story in third grade, and still remembers the exhilaration of making a new world. She will be publishing her work under the Great Blue Enterprises imprint, and is currently working on two series, a novel, and more stories inspired by The Dream Engine.

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Paul Jenny is a writer, actor and adventurer in NYC and around the world. Paul created the blog Stories are the Wildest Things to encourage others to tell their stories in the most powerful, creative and wide-reaching way possible.

Jay Rosenkrantz’s ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is. His girlfriend boasts he is the “closest thing she has in her life to a Yoda.” He resides in Austin, Texas, where he writes adventure stories bursting with humor, emotion, romance and heart. And magic swords and giant robots.

Joseph Mello loves stories, exploring, and sharing ideas. He brings a zest for discovering the new and unusual, likeable characters, and the arcane knowledge he uncovers to his stories of suspense, paranormal, and science fiction.

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Blaine Moore knew he would be a writer from a young age, at least until he discovered computers in high school and discovered he could actually make money with them. Fast forward a decade or so, and Blaine began getting the writing itch again in 2005, initially writing non-fiction books about running and marathons. He’s now a full time writer.

Rob Laman crafts contracts by day and sporadically writes a variety of short stories, blog posts, fraudulent insect facts and unfinished novels by night. In his spare time he cans salsa that would make the food scientists at Old El PasoTM weep, enjoys travel, softball, and reading.

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Johnny B. Truant is the author of the Fat Vampire series and The Bialy Pimps, as well as co-authoring the science fiction political thriller The Beam and the Unicorn Western series with Sean Platt.

Johnny, Sean Platt, and David Wright host two podcasts — the Self Publishing Podcast and Better Off Undead. Find out more on

Kayla Halleur tells everyone that she’s not a writer, but no one believes her. Her short story for Beyond The Gate is the first time she’s written anything to be published, which both terrifies and excites her in equal measure.

Karl Leis is a Fantasy & Steam-Punk author, living in the mystical land of Australia. He is currently working on multiple titles, of which are top-secret, and are kept far away from the prying eyes of the public.

Liked his short-story from Beyond the Gate? Then you’ll love all of his titles, yet to be published! Especially [REDACTED]!

Monica Leonelle is currently working on the sci-fi cyberpunk Socialpunk serials, the urban fantasy Waters Dark and Deep, the fantasy space opera Stars and Shadows, and the new adult Jane Austen retelling, Emma and Elsie.

Abe Cedarian has wanted to write fiction for as long as he can remember. Like many beginning writers, he started out by collecting books on the topic. Character, story structure, outlining, dialog, trait thesauri, writing short stories, writing full length novels – you name it, Abe’s got it.

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My name is Eric Pierce, though I write under my initials: E.W. Pierce. I write Fantasy and Science Fiction stories, sometimes with an element of horror. I’ve been writing on-and-off for eleven years.

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Michael Hustleborn has always considered himself a creative freak and he hates referring to himself in the third person. He is happiest when he can shut out the world, let his imagination roam, and get creative in one form or another.

When he is not writing, he loves watching movies, T.V., reading, playing video games and listening to audio book

A.T. Schubert writes what she calls “literary fiction through a layer of magic.” She is currently working on a young adult series about a boarding school that trains future members of the Ministry of Decorum (also from the world of The Dream Engine). Book 1 is expected to be published in early 2015.

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