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Amy Schubert’s thoughts on the Summit

Amy T. Schubert describes herself as a writer, editor, photographer & encourager.

The community around the World of Alterra has come to know her as a writer, but besides that, a very skilled editor. This is second hand information on my part, but the authors who contributes to the upcoming anthology, Beyond the Gate: Stories from the World of the Dream Engine, all talks about Amy’s edits. During the World Builder Summit, she has also proven herself to be an extremly talented photographer. Didn’t you love her photos from the Summit? Besides all of this, she is also a canon writer in the World of Alterra.

Amy isn’t usually spending a lot of money on herself, so the recent held Story World Summit was a big treat for her. And she was actually a bit unsure whether or not she’d made the right decision, before she went. But there seems to be no doubt in her mind, now the weekend is over, that it was worth every penny. And it truly looks like it was an awesome weekend.

Amy has just written a blog post about her experience. In fact, this is the first blog post in what will be a series of 3+. She shares her photos in this post, and talks about the background for each one.
So go read it. It’s a wonderful post! Remember to subscribe to her blog, so you won’t miss future posts from her.

Read the full blog post from Amy on her website.
Post #2 about the Summit on Amy’s website.
Post #3 can be found here.

2014 Story World Summit © Amy T. Schubert

Group photo with almost all attendees from the 2014 Story World Summit. Matt wasn’t in this picture, since he had to leave sunday morning, unfortunately. Photo © Amy T. Schubert

You can find Amy online:

Amy T. Schubert’s Summit photos.

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